Bringing out the best in you
Botox (Anti-Wrinkle Injections)
Description women Men
1 Area
Includes glabellar (between eyebrows), forehead lines, crow’s feet etc
£90 £110
2 Areas £150 £170
3 Areas £180 £200
Additional Area £50 £60
Dermal Fillers (Lip Enhancements etc)
Description Half Syringe (0.5ml) Full Syringe (1ml)
Lips £150 £200
Cheeks N/A £250
Nasolabial Folds (Laughter Lines) £150 £250
Additional Syringe £100 £150
Facial Treatments & Peels
Description Single Package
Dr Led Skin consultation – Online £25 N/A
Medical Microdermabrasion
A Dr-led skin treatment that includes a skin consultation
£79 £395 (x6)
Mandalic Peel – (for pigmentation) £59 £177 (x4)
Salicylic Peel – (for acne) £59 £177 (x4)
Citric and Mandelic Peel – (for clarifying) £59 £177 (x4)
Glycolic Peel – (for rejuvenation) £59 £177 (x4)
ZO skin health program
Includes GSR, acne treatment, daily skincare, anti-aging regime
From £49 N/A
ZO Medical Program
Includes multi-therapy hydroquinone, non-hydroquinone hyperpigmentation systems
From £195 N/A
Other Skin and Body Treatments
Description Single Package
Dr Led Skin consultation – Online £25 N/A
Pseudofolliculities Barbae (Razor bumps) Treatment
(Glycolic acid face cleanser, exfoliating and de-pigmenting cream,sunscreen, consultation and follow up)
From £99 N/A
Hyperpigmentation Treatment
( An 8 week course of cosmeceutical and prescription products for clearer skin within 6-8weeks, includes initial consultation and follow up)
£260 N/A

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