The at-home alternative to lip fillers

If you’re looking to get FULLER lips the natural way then FusionPen + Lip plump serum is for you! This advanced home treatment device allows you to use clinical technology in the comfort of your own home. With weekly treatments, gradually build up the volume of your lips.

We provide clinic grade, scientifically  formulated high strength hyaluronic acid serum. This is produced within the EU and passes national standards.

Fusion Pen works in 2 main ways. Firstly, the micro-needling causes collagen build up. Secondly, the high strength hyaluronic acid molecules plumps the lips and can hold upto 6x its volume in water.

FusionPen device can open up to 1000 microscopic channels within the skin EVERY second. This allows better penetration of products. This micro-trauma also stimulates the production of collagen. Due to the micro-channels created. Hygiene is VERY important. That’s why we only recommend our sterile, pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid formula to be used.

The ltainless steel microscopic needles come in four different sizes to give you pain-free, immediate results in just one usage. It is safe and simple to use and achieves great results. Perfect for those who want fuller lips without using lip fillers, or for those who want to top up in between treatments. Keep your lips looking luscious during lockdown with FusionPen  + Lip Serum.


Please Note – fusion pen comes with x2 0.5mm microneedling cartridges. Please buy Lip Plump serum from our shop page separately.


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Results that speak for themselves
How it works

1. Receive your Lip Fusion Set


2. Fill capsule with serum


3. Attach capsule to Fusion Pen


4. Plump your pout!

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