Introduction to Skin Rejuvenation

Dull and tired looking skin can be refreshed and brightened to reverse the signs of sun damage, harsh winds and weather conditions, stress and many other factors which lead to lacklustre skin. Overtime, poor skin health can cause premature aging (wrinkles, crows feet) and worsen conditions such as uneven skin tone and blemishes.

Skin rejuvenation can be done on a regular basis or a few times a year when necessary to give your skin that much needed boost and radiant glow. Treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical skin peels can give you fast and effective results with little or no down time at affordable prices.

At Dermanoir we recommend not only short term boosts, but long term maintenance of healthy skin. We use Neostrata and Zein Obagi products as they have powerful potent formulations with high quality active ingredients which are gentle enough to be used daily over long periods but powerful enough to produce a fantastic result which allows you to maintain that healthy skin glow.

“My skin can really feel the breeze, I feel like my skin is much healthier and my blemishes have faded. Thanks Dermanoir!”

Cassie, London

Skin Rejuvenation - Dermanoir - Ethnic Skin Specialists™
Our Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Chemical Peels: This is a chemical exfoliation technique which helps to remove the damaged upper layer of the skin leaving behind a more evenly toned, clearer skin complexion. We use specific types of chemical peels designed to target old dead skin cells and cells with increased pigmentation. Our glycolic acid peels work well for skin rejuvenation.

Microdermabrasion (MDA): This is a mechanical exfoliation procedure for the upper layers of the skin. We use a diamond tip, to gently remove the outermost skin layers leaving behind fresh, healthy skin. This process stimulates the formation of new skin cells and collagen production. Microdermabrasion can also give you a deep skin by suctioning clogged pores and removing dead skin cells which can lead to dull and lifeless skin, acne, mottled pigmentation and poor skin health.

Zein Obagi Skin Health: a basic regime for skin maintenance is available from only £49. This consists of a cleanser, an exfoliating polish and oil control pads. These ingredients are clinically proven and are a great start to achieving great skin. Ditch your multitude off-the-shelve high street products, the majority of which actually worsens skin conditions and opt for a basic yet effective skincare regimes put together by the world renowned dermatologist, Dr Zein Obagi.

At your Consultation

At your initial consultation, your skin care expert will give you a thorough examination in order to fully understand and assess your skin in order to achieve your desired results. You will be advised on the best possible course of treatments and products designed specifically for your condition or desired results. Our consultations are friendly, informative and completely confidential. Our aim is to ensure your skin received the exact treatment it needs. You will also be advised on the correct after-care regime in order to achieve long lasting results. As everyone’s skin is different, we will ensure that any treatment carried out is fully compatible with your skin and that you are completely comfortable with the advised treatment. Our expert will answer any questions or concerns you may have. We are completely committed to giving you the results you want. The average skin consultation lasts around 30 minutes and you are by no means obliged to purchase a treatment package.

Your Treatment

When you arrive for your first treatments, your practitioner will fully explain the treatment and procedures, detailing any products used in order to ensure you are completely comfortable before proceeding. Depending on the treatment, a small test patch is usually carried out in order to ensure skin compatibility and nothing has changed since your consultation. You are the priority at all times and our experts are there to ensure you are comfortable and receiving the right treatment. With a course of treatments you will gradually begin to see results, although this will be explained after your treatment. There is normally a gap of 2 to 4 weeks between certain treatments which helps achieve optimal results.

Are you ready to regain control of your skin? Book a no-obligation consultation now or view our treatment prices.