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With over 40 % of clients being men, you can be sure that it is completely normal to have treatments done. We understand the sheer difficulty in choosing the right place to treat darker skin especially for men. Frankly there is no better place than a specialist, Dermanoir, who solely concentrates on ethnic and darker skin types (Indian, Arabic, Asian, Black, Afro-Caribbean etc). You can be sure that everything we do and advise on is based on our speciality. The benefit of a specialist is that we know everything there is to know about darker skin, from the most common problems (such as ingrown hairs and the pigmentation caused by it) to the side effects of our treatments. We know the difference between men and women and know how to treat both with an expert level of care.

Having perfect skin isn’t something that only women can enjoy. So many men out there have the desire to feel good about their body and skin. From facial and skin treatments to laser hair removal, we offer all treatments catered to men and women. The fact is every patient is treated as an individual because the differences between two women are sometimes more than the difference between a man and woman. It all depends on the individual’s attributes.


“I was apprehensive at first but after what was a very infromative conversation with a doctor at Dermanoir, I felt confident to go ahead with my treatment. The results are simply astonishing, nothing from high street could have done this”.

David, London


Every treatment we have listed we can carry out on men. Our skincare experts are equally skilled at dealing with male and female clients. Although we offer all of our treatments for both men and women, we have briefly described the two most popular aesthetic treatments for men.

Popular Treatments for Men

This is chronic inflammation of the hair follicles. This is very commonly seen in men of afro-Caribbean heritage who shave their beards. Between 45%- 83% of black males develop the condition compared to and 3% of white males. It commonly affect this group of men due to the shape and structure of their hair follicles. It can occur in both men and woman and presents as small shaving bumps which may be sore or itchy.

There are 2 main ways PFB can occur:

  • When the sharp end of a curly hair pierces and re-enters the skin.

  • The shape end of a growing hair does not grow out of the hair follicle but instead pierces the follicle wall and grows out sideways causing a foreign body inflammatory reaction.

PFB is particularly distressing as it can lead to pigmentation problems, skin infections and even keloid scarring in long term or untreated cases. There are a number of ways this condition can be managed. Here at Dermanoir we have put together a tailor made treatment package that can successfully manage PFB and prevent the consequences that result. Other Treatments of this condition include regular skin peels, effective at home skincare products, microdermabrasion and the option of laser hair reduction.

Acne conditions in the male population are extremely common. Men can experience breakouts throughout their 20’s right through to their 40’s, even if they have never had acne previously. More than 25% of men will experience some form of acne throughout their adult lives. Male acne is most commonly found around the chest and back and less commonly on the face.

Acne is mostly a hormonal condition, although there are many factors that can also cause acne. The male hormones (Androgens) are the main culprit and cause of acne in both men and women, causing the production of excess oils (Sebum) which mix with dead skin cells to clog pores and form acne. Acne should be treated carefully and quickly otherwise there is a risk of breakouts occurring which can leave rashes and scarring.

Other factors which can cause and aggravate acne in men can be excessive sweating, use of steroids, shaving and many other factors. To find out more about acne, please go to the Acne page.

Please visit the Laser Hair Removal page for a more detailed overview on how laser hair removal and hair growth works as well as information on prices and packages we offer.

Would you like to never have to wax or shave again? Want permanently smooth clear hair-free and even skin? With laser hair removal you can be virtually hair free for the rest of your life in just 6-12 treatments. Eliminate endless trips to purchase wax strips that are painful to use, sharp razors that leave the skin with irritation or rashes, harsh chemicals and hair removal creams as well as the ingrown hair that comes with using these solutions. These all offer a short term and laborious solution to a long term problem. Did you also know that the average person can shave 11,540 times in one lifetime? A lot of these are not even options for people with darker skin types as they tend to have tougher and more stubborn hair leading to ingrown hairs and all manner of problems. This is where Dermanoir comes in.

Whether you’re suffering from Excessive Hair Growth (Hirsutism and hypertrichosis), ingrown hairs (Folliculitus) or simply don’t have time to shave every day, your hair growth should not impact your life. Come to us for the perfect solution to unwanted hair on the face and body. Our laser treatment will leave your skin looking and feeling naturally smooth and clear whilst saving you a substantial amount of both time and money in the long run. Not only do our lasers and treatments have a dramatic reduction in hair growth but they also significantly improve pigmentation (and hyperpigmentation).

Many clinics offer IPL (intense pulse light) treatments and still call it Laser Hair Removal. They tend to be the offers that you see on popular daily deals websites. IPL cannot target the hair follicles exclusively and heats the skin during treatment. It can especially cause damage to darker skin tones. We carry out thorough checks on your skin to ensure the correct settings are used on our world class laser system. We have also done the leg work for you and trialled various manufacturers and handpicked the best laser.

Laser treatments are popular with sportsmen, male models and particularly those who have worked hard at the gym. Excessive hair can be an embarrassing feature for men. Laser Hair Removal offers the best and longest lasting treatment for any hair, including back and chest hair which can mask a good physique. The clean shave look can now also be made permanent so you never need to shave again. You can say goodbye to stubble and avoid ever having to purchase expensive shavers & shaving creams. This also means no more red, irritated skin and no more razor bumps and cuts.

If you currently wax unwanted hair or suffer razor- burn from repeated shaving, you are tolerating pain unnecessarily for a time-limited effect! Laser Hair Removal is rapid, efficient, permanent and relatively pain free. Our expertise is in treating Asian and Darker Skin types so fear not, we can treat you with confidence.

The most popular laser hair removal treatments for men are:

  • Full back and shoulders
  • Chest and abdomen
  • Cheeks or beard area
  • Buttocks
  • Legs / arms
  • Fingers and toes

Most men require a minimum of 8 treatments and usually up to 4 top up treatments. Due to higher levels of testosterone, hair in men requires more treatments to achieve smoother and hair free skin. Men of Asian, Arab or Black (Afro-Caribbean or African) skin types commonly suffer from ingrown hairs and pigmentation, especially in the beard area due to tougher and thicker hair that is extremely difficult to shave on a day to day basis. Our laser treatments are the answer.

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