Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most trusted and well known specialists of ethnic skin types and darker skin tones that deliver exceptional results through non-invasive and advanced treatments, making men and women look and feel their very best. Despite the huge growth in the aesthetic industry, it is still surprisingly difficult and hugely frustrating to find a specialist that is experienced in dealing with the unique properties (and problems) that people with skin of colour face. Dermanoir was founded to be the central point of information and services that are uniquely tailored to ethnic skin. We have fully qualified doctors with a specialist interest and training in Black (also known as Afro-Caribbean) and Asian (Indian, Arab etc) skincare. We aim to deliver an outstanding service with guaranteed, visible results.


“I discovered Dermanoir while I was on my hundredth blog looking for a way to get rid of my acne. They were friendly and informative and I can actually see my skin has improved drastically. I never thought I would find a place that treats black skin!”  – Natalie, London

Here at Dermanoir we feel it’s imperative to educate our patients and the general public about achieving and maintaining good skin health. We are here to educate our audience, build a community in which people can discuss experiences and deliver fantastic results through a safe, closely monitored and discreet service. Our specialists have an exceptional level of expertise in dealing with a range of skin concerns such as:

  • Excess hair

  • Acne

  • Acne Scarring

    • Aging Skin

    • Age Spots

    • Broken Capillaries

      • Pigmentation (Melasma and Hyperpigmentation)

      • Scars

      • Stretch Marks

        • Rosacea

        • Thread Veins (facial & body)

        • Razor bumps (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae)

          • Lines and Wrinkles

            • And many more…

            For a comprehensive list of skin conditions we treat, please see the Conditions page.

            “Being a woman with a darker skin complexion i understand the difficulties faced with our skin types. it is particularly frustrating to try and find solutions to common problems in our skin type that most clinics do not treat effectively, even though they claim otherwise. All of the clinics I visited claimed that they could easily treat my skin type but often left me with undesirable results. To prevent more people of ethnic skin types from going through this frustration, I became one of the co-founders of Dermanoir in order to give effective solutions to people of darker skin types. As a medical professional I regularly review the latest clinical and scientific research and techniques in treating skin of colour. As a fully qualified medical doctor with a passion for treating skin of colour, I aim to give my patients a personally tailored service that gives proven results.” 

            – Dr Linda Odogwu, Medical Director

            Tailored techniques

            Skin of colour is unique and therefore should be treated cautiously and carefully to achieve stunning results. The composition of our skin means that if not treated properly, adverse effects such as hypo/hyperpigmentation, permanent scarring, pain and inflammation can occur. We carefully select clinically proven, medical grade products and advanced technology which has been tested on skin of colour. We never sell or prescribe low grade, unproven products, as safe, ethical practice and guaranteed results are at the forefront of our objectives.

            Education & Learning Zone

            Every fortnight, we will release a much sought after ‘hot topic’ specific to ethnic skin on the learning zone (the L-Zone). By doing all the hard work and research and presenting it to you in a summarised, factual manner, we aim to dispel myths, provide up to date clinical information and teach people how to achieve healthy skin and a clear complexion. With so much information available on the internet it’s hard to know where to find trusted, evidenced-base information from a qualified source. The dedicated team at Dermanoir will take away all the confusion and hard work from skin care to allow you to spend more time loving the skin you’re in!


            Our learning zone (the L-Zone) will feature a discussion forum where people can post pictures, experience’s and ask questions to anyone that’s listening (the Dermanoir team are always  listening!). If your indecisive about a product, need some support or encouragement on your skincare journey or just want to have a chat with other Skincare Savvies, the L-Zone is just the place for you. The L-Zone is currently under development however you can check out the helpful and informative images, videos and documents that our experts and doctors have uploaded on our News & Blog page

            Our core values


            By using only recommending treatments that work and following procedures that are trusted and regulated by recognised medical governing bodies, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Our aftercare policy means that we are always with you, even weeks after your treatments.


            Not only do we have fully licensed and trained professionals treating you, we also have doctors on board with experience giving you the added confidence that you are in safe hands. Our team has a background in treating darker skin types and are vigorously trained and made into specialists who can bear the Dermanoir mark of excellence. Our specialist doctors also have the ability to prescribe medications based on your needs which you can receive from a pharmacy directly to your door.


            Your well-being is always our top priority. We are honest, reliable and will always ensure patients know exactly what to expect and every detail of the treatment they undergo. We only carry out treatments that will make a real difference to our patients and achieve their expected goals, nothing more. Our treatments are as minimally invasive as possible as we are not here to change you, but bring out the best you.


            We will always go the extra mile for you to make sure you are getting the treatment you need. We know how sensitive of a subject skin can be for both men and women. Our lead Doctor went through all of the hardships of finding a real ethnic skin specialist to help with her skin before creating her own solution and becoming the co-founder of Dermanoir. We give free, impartial advice to anyone who seeks it, just contact us and see for yourself!

            We will go the extra mile to support you and help you on your skin journey. That being said please don’t hesitate to ask for any additional service that you can’t find on our website as our highly trained professionals are more than capable of seeing to your needs.


            We won’t give you a list of hundreds of services and products or machines to choose from, instead we use the best product or machine for your skin and body. Rest assured that we will know exactly what you need and how much of it. We thrive in a tightly controlled yet relaxing environment which ensures that we can oversee everything that happens with each patient and give them the attention and care they need on a one-to-one basis rather than having numerous clinics just to increase the number of customers.


            Honesty is the best policy and patient well-being is always our top priority. We will not give false hope to our customers and we are not here to take your money, we are here to help you. You will know exactly what to expect and you will be advised on the treatments that are best for you and your skin because we are the experts who aim to give you the service you need. It’s not only our caring and responsible ethic that makes you get the best service, but also the fact that the treatments and consultations are carried out by highly trained professionals and doctors. You also have the added.