Acne effects over 80% of the population at some point in their lives. Acne is a huge issue, it can range from a tiny, barely visible pimple, to painful, scarring nodules and cysts that can have a massive negative impact on your confidence and self esteem. I have had patients who have been so impacted by acne that they take time off work, studies, end relationships and consider suicide. I completely understand it’s a huge problem and needs to be addressed, no matter how small! the issue may seem to others.

In order to understand the major causes of acne, it’s good to think about the “Acne Triangle”. Acne has 3 main contributing factors: Sebum, blocked pores and bacteria. In order to fight acne we need to combat all 3 factors. In our clinic we can formulate prescriptions with ingredients that fight all 3 factors. For example we can use an antibiotic to kill the bacteria, salicylic acid to dry up the oil, and azelaic acid to breakdown the dead skin blocking the pores and prevent pigmentation developing later. We can increase are strengths gradually from 10% up to 100% depending on how you react. Sounds simple right? Its not! We follow our clients closely to ensure they have the proper advice and after care as simple things can cause our treatments to
not work properly.

How acne is formed

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